It’s A Minefield Out There!!!

Late this afternoon we got a call about some renegade cows, so headed out to round them up.  Chasing them into the corral, we had to fight our way across a sidehill covered in cactus!


These low growing pricks have horribly sharp, barbed pokers that are nasty to deal with.  We have done battle with these many times on this low elevation range.  They get stuck on the horses, in our boots and on our dogs.

IMG_4230 IMG_4233


We need to learn to carry needle nose pliers as it is very nasty to pull these out with bare hands (so my husband tells me!)  Especially when the horse throws in a stomp!


As we were rescuing my horse ‘Blue’, ‘King’ (Blue’s big brother) was waiting patiently on the hillside.  He had his cacti removed 10 minutes earlier and was happy to chill.  After Doug had pulled one off of King, he flicked it off his finger and it flew 7 feet and stuck into the wood barn wall!!


As we come into our fall round-up these are just some of the obstacles that challenge us and our ‘crew’!


After we got moving again and were riding across the grass, every piece of grass looked like a cactus to me and I was very flinchy and not enjoying myself!  Im sure glad these little suckers don’t grow on most of our ranch!


King and Blue:  happy the cows are loaded in the trailer as darkness falls.  The bad news is we did not find the bull that was supposedly with them, so we’ll have to go back tomorrow……


~Erika Fossen~


2 thoughts on “It’s A Minefield Out There!!!

  1. J Miller says:

    I too rode rode through a minefield today, My Mare Riggs, wasn’t her usually self, surprise, CACTUS!

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