Pay Day


Our day started bright and early, saddling our horses to do the final round up.  We have spent most of the month gathering our cattle from all corners of the earth!  We have been anticipating this day like a pre-law student anticipates the Bar Exam!!






Once the cattle are in the corrals, you would think most of the work was done.  This is not the case.  The next step is separating the cows from the calves.  This is where the noise level reaches a new decibel, making communication impossible!  We all become experts in sign language!





Once the calves are separate, we sort the steers from the heifers, then the larger from the smaller, and the replacement heifers that we will keep.  This sounds simple but it takes a lot of skilled hands and quick gate closures.  One heifer crawled through the water trough and joined the steers.  This had to be corrected of course.  Any time spent resorting is wasted time that we do not have.  While doing all this sorting, there is the impending deadline of the trucks.  Once all calves are in their proper group, they are weighed, documented and loaded on the truck.  The weight documentation and paper work is a job in itself.


“Now we can take the rest of the year off!” quoted my husband .  Of course we all know he is full of it!

~Erika Fossen~



2 thoughts on “Pay Day

  1. Janet Norman says:

    wow that was really well written! I am a huge fan of your blogs

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