Our 1st Baby!

We were just having breakfast and the kids were getting ready to head out the door to catch the bus when I noticed three or four heifers all interested in the same patch of ground.  Often when they do this, it is because a new baby calf has caught their attention.  Older cows do not behave like this.  When a cow calves out in a herd of other cows, they do not congratulate her or congregate to take part in the party.  But heifers, or young females that are about to have their first baby, find other new babies SOO interesting.  It is not odd to have 10 or more heifers come over to a newly spit out calf and sniff it and examine what it is!  This is why we immediately, if not before the birth, remove the young mother and baby from the curious ladies.  It can be dangerous to have that many curious wanna-be mothers all vying to take a sniff.  So, Doug ran out and sure enough their was our first baby of the year.

It makes me so happy and thankful to start our calving this way; with a live, healthy calf, at the right time.  Often the premature, twins and problematic calves come at the beginning of calving.  These kind of calves take extra effort and care, and take the fun out of it.  Hopefully all of them come as easy as this one!

~Erika Fossen~


This is the view from our dining table.  The calf was out past the power pole.




4 thoughts on “Our 1st Baby!

  1. trevor says:

    love reading about your ranch and cattle, I have a small Angus herd and farm in New Brunswick, and really enjoy reading about life on the other end of the country. thank you.

  2. CaledonAcres says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Fingers and toes crossed for easy calving season 🙂

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