Calving Season 2016 In Full Swing

10 days ago we decided to bring all our cows and heifers into our calving fields, fields close to home and close to the calving barn. Like I stated in my last blog post we try and leave the pregnant cows out of the calving pen for as long as possible to keep the pens as clean and possible, this is very important to help decrease the chance for sickness and spread of disease. However, there were many cows showing signs of calving any day, so we thought we better not push it any longer and we needed to bring them closer. Good thing we did because that night we had a cow calve and we have been going steady ever since.

Since the 5th of February we have had 23 calves.

Knock on wood, but so far things are going extremely well. We have lost one calf so far, which is always so hard, it was a still born calf, so you never know what happened. We think that potentially because we have had crazy weather here all our snow is melted and we are currently left with ice everywhere we are thinking maybe the cow slipped on the ice fell and the cord got tangled or something like that happened. Those days are always the hardest because you try you best, but sometimes things are out of your control. Its hard to see that and deal with it, but it is part of the job too (the worst part, but a part none the less). On a positive note, the cow that had a stillborn calf is an excellent mother with a lot of milk, so we drafted our first calf (the premie, whose mom had no milk and still wasn’t producing enough to feed the calf). Now our calf has a new mom with plenty of milk to feed her.


Watching the heifers come in from the field.


The calving pens all filled up for another year.


The heifers checking out the shavings and their new pen!



2 thoughts on “Calving Season 2016 In Full Swing

  1. Jean Jarosch says:

    Hi Kids !

    Just a note to say. How much I am enjoying your posts! I was raised on a dairy farm and missed these adventures because I had 2 older brothers, so I was the “lucky” one who could remain inside in an attempt to learn some domestic skills!

    So keep up the good work! It’s so nice to see you share the same passion and take joy in sharing it with your beautiful girls!

    And btw your other email address was rejected.

    Love, ~Jean~

    Jeaniebean iPad


    • 2erikas says:

      Hi Jean! Thanks for checking out our blog! I’m so glad these cattle stories are bringing you back to your heritage. My fellow rancher and friend, Erika, and I write this blog together. She lives in Merritt with her husband and daughter. She is the one who wrote this article. I am sorry the email address was rejected, strange! Thank you for connecting and I hope you continue to enjoy our many tales! 🙂

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