That’s A Wrap

We finished our first crop of silaging last Thursday! We ended up with 157 loads in the pit and that equals 942 short ton of feed. We are super happy with this and are off to a great start of storing winter feed for our cattle.

Once all the silage is in the pit and packed our job is still not quite over. Lastly, we need to cover the pit with heavy plastic to ensure the pit is anaerobic (no oxygen). If we just left the pit open the oxygen would cause the silage to rot and that rot would be wasted feed. Next, we put tires on top of the plastic to weight it down, so it doesn’t blow away. That is quite the work out! There are obstacle races that are all the rage right now and I have done one of these we did a 12km race with obstacles and one of these obstacles was packing tires. Well if anybody is interested in doing one of these races do I have a deal for you for second cut when we are tapping the pit you can come out and pack tires and you don’t even have to pay…we might even pay you!!!


In addition, we get our feed tested to know exactly what the nutritional value is. Each field has a sample taken out of it and we give that to our nutritionist who sends it away to a lab to give us feed back on the nutritional analysis of the feed we are putting up. Ideally a beef cow requires 12-14% protein and as much energy as possible.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.49.51 AM

This way when we know exactly what is in our feed we are able to supplement with the minerals or other feeds to balance their diet. For example, like last year our feed was low in energy for the second and third cuts, cut we added GSP’s (grain screening pellets) to their winter feed ration to increase the energy the cows were getting from their feed.


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