Puddles In July

What a glorious sight is it WE HAVE PUDDLES IN JULY! Usually at this time of year it is scorching hot and we’ve had at least a couple weeks of 30 degrees with no rain in site. This year however, it was really hot in April and we have had some sporadically hot days, but nothing intense AND we have been getting rain. Friday night it rained over an inch. On average Merritt only gets about 7 inches of rain a year and we got 1/7 of that in one night and more during the rest of the week.

This is such a great thing for our crops, the ground which now has a great saturation of water and the grass on the range . We have gotten enough rain to actually turn our irrigation pumps off. Which is great because that means our crops have gotten a good even distribution of water and we are not having to pay for hydro to keep our irrigation pumps running.


Wheel lines turned off (on our terms) what a beautiful sight! This means we don’t have to move “irritation” pipes! BUT everything is still green!




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