A Little Of This And A Little Of That

Yesterday was quite an eventful day and had us completing a variety of chores! We have been washing and putting equipment away the last few days. We are all finished making hay and silage for the year, so all the grass that’s left in the field will become pasture for when the cows come home. We like to clean out all the equipment and store it under cover for winter. This helps prevent rust and helps maintain the equipment in good working condition. We pressure wash all the equipment to get all the dirt and built up grass from around all the nooks and cranny’s. With the high dump we actually climb right in and scrape all the silage that is stuck to the inside of the walls.



Inside the high dump scraping off the silage stuck to the walls.


Equipment all washed and “put to sleep” for the winter.

While we were cleaning out the high dump a neighbour pulled in the yard and told us they had some of our cows in their corral. This happens quite often in the fall because the cows are starting to come home from the mountains and some gets their directions to home a bit mixed up and wind up at a neighbours. This is one of the important reasons we brand to identify our animals because tags can rip out and if an animals shows up at a neighbours you need to be able to figure out who it belongs to. So we went to pick them up with the stock trailer and haul them home and drop them off in the pasture with about 50 other pairs that have made their way home already. It has been getting cold at night about 3 degrees and that usual signals to the cows to come home.

I also harvested my garden yesterday. We made quite a haul. It is so great because all the tops of the plants like beet and carrot tops I fed to our pigs and they just loved it!!



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