Merry Thanksgiving???

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I think Mother Nature was a bit confused this weekend as it was Thanksgiving not Christmas. We had a very cold weekend for bringing home the cows. We saddled up Saturday morning and it was raining, and the higher we got into the mountains the more the rain turned into thick white flakes. Before we knew it we were covered in wet heavy snow! We were so cold that half way through our day at about lunch time when we all met back up Dad lit a fire, so we could warm up and finish moving the cows and make it back to the truck and trailer! We were so wet that when we came home everything had to come into Cyle and I’s basement and dry out by the wood stove. Now my basement smells like wet horse….

Sunday was WAY warmer compared to Saturday, so it ended up being a lovely day to move cows.

Today we did our big push from the closest part of our range all the way home. It was fairly crisp today and a few snow flakes fell, but once again compared to Saturday it was a lovely day. In addition, everything went well and in total we pushed about 120 cows home from the range today!

We brought everything home this weekend for two reasons

  1. Our animals have to be off crown range land on October 15 according to our tenure
  2. We are going to wean our calves to sell them next Sunday, so we need them all home

Even though we had a busy and cold weekend I am still so thankful for the life we get to live ranching, the family we get to share it with and thankful for our great neighbours who rode with us this weekend and shared a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with! Hope everybody had a wonderful long weekend and was thankful for the lives they have! Thank you so much to everybody who reads our blog and is interested in what we do to provide beef to Canada and beyond!


2 thoughts on “Merry Thanksgiving???

  1. I love this blog. Thank you for taking the time to write.

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