“Are We There Yet?”

I think that was the question my horse ‘Blue’ would have liked to ask me the other day on the range.

We had a meeting in the middle of our range with the Forestry and Range tenure holders, so we decided to ride to it and then carry on to try and get the last bit of stray cattle off our range.  The meeting was at the height of land, so it was a steady incline and a workout for our horses.  When we are on the range, I always appreciate having a horse under me and am happy to not have the climb the hills on my own two legs!  I do like to go for hikes and workout, but also have a healthy understanding of my speed (or lack there of)!  My husband can run fast through the forest, but the cows would be long gone by the time I caught up!

After the meeting, we figured we had about 2 more hours of daylight, so lit out to find the 2 pair we had spotted with the airplane.  The conditions were exceptionally lovely for the middle of November!  Warm air, tall grass, fresh puddles of rain water.


We peaked over the hill and saw them!

See them there in the distance?

See them there in the distance?


With the three dogs, the cows were very cooperative to gather up and head to the corral.  About half way through, they even took the short cut to make it quicker for us all.  Such good cows.


Douglas on our 4 yr old 'Count the Gold Rocks'.

Douglas on our 4 yr old ‘Count the Gold Rocks’.

We got back to the corral at 5:30, just in time to call our girls and ask them to kindly make supper.


I estimate it was 20+ kilometres we put on that day.  Thank goodness I had Blue.

~Erika Fossen~