Snowed In

We have had the craziest winter. It just has not stopped snowing. When I was a kid we use to get this much snow. I have fond memories of jumping off my parents deck into the snow. However, we have not had this much snow in a very long time. Don’t get me wrong I love snow and winter sports, however in my perfect world the snow would disappear in February when we start calving, because although snow is fun when you are out enjoying it for winter sport it is NOT fun to calve in.

We had our first calf January 30 and since then have spent many afternoons ploughing snow and putting down dry wood chips. We have over a foot and a half of snow here and it is hard for the cows to get around.

We also got 2 loads for shaving so the cows have somewhere dry to lay down. The dry part lasted for 4 days until is started snowing again and covered our beautiful new dry shavings in snow.

This is our first calf of 2017. T32C She is a first calf heifer, so this is her very first calf. She had a red heifer calf.



Our daughter Macy checking in on the first calf of 2017. 

Calving in all this snow makes our job harder as we have to bring all the calves into the barn because it is too cold for them and there is too much snow.



A new calf warming up under the heat lamp.


We made wooden “calf huts” with heat lamps in them, so if a calf is born in the cold they can go under there and warm up.




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