4-H speeches

Tonight I was asked to judge our local 4-H club’s speeches! It was such a great evening, I was asked to do it last year and happy to be back this year. It was especially neat seeing the progress between the years. Public speaking is such a huge part of life whether it be in school, in the professional world and it helps to have some experience and confidence while doing it. I remember in school if we had to do presentations I hated it! I got so nervous. By being a  4-H member youth are really able to hone this skill.

A really interesting part about speech night was impromptu speeches. The judges gave the members a topic and the members individually have 1 minute to prepare an impromptu speech. Our topic was My biggest concern for the future…

There were some great speeches and while they were impromptu and not polished it was very interesting to hear what 14 ish year olds had to say. I really hope they carry these concerns with them and can help be a vector for change. I truly enjoy being involved in these types of community events. That is the neat thing about small towns and rural life you get to know people, youth and can help out! 43382_4H logos


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