The Real Dirt On Farming

In Saturday’s addition of the Globe and Mail there was an insert titled “The Real Dirt On Farming”. It gives readers an inside perspective on what goes on in agriculture.

What a great idea and great vehicle to spread facts about the agriculture industry to people who may not have much contact with the industry. Check out the Real Dirt On Farming here! Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.07.48 AM


2 thoughts on “The Real Dirt On Farming

  1. Mandy says:

    G’Day Erica(s),
    I printed this out and read it cover to cover. What a great initiative and a wonderful way to educate people about farming and how it covers such a diverse range of issues and lifestyles. I noticed many similarities to Australian farming in relation to research and modern methods of doing business as well as similar issues we face from environmental and animal rights sectors. There are also marked differences to Australian farming – our cows have never seen a shed, nor been indoors unless sold in an undercover saleyard. The same goes for our dairy cows, which are outside all year.
    Thanks for sharing. I’d love to come to Canada some day and see for myself our differences and similarities.

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