Thank you


After writing my previous blog yesterday I couldn’t help, but think about this crazy business we do called ranching. I was on my own making decisions for 3 weeks thats it and I found it difficult! My dad has been doing this for about 45 years, and running our place on his own for 20! I cannot imagine how many bad days he has had and how little help he has had through the years. What has made him stick with this crazy business? I mean he really has seen it all the good times in the 70’s when calf prices were high and input prices were low (diesel was 30 cents), to the BSE crisis when we could barely give our calves away. For me these 3 weeks of being on my own were amazing I learned so much it’s always a huge learning curve especially when you are in charge of making the decisions, but more than that I have found a new level of respect for my dad and all the other ranchers who have stuck out the hard times and have enjoyed the good times and still love cattle and wake up every morning still wanting to ranch! Thank you for passing on knowledge and a love of cattle and the land!

The Tradition

I bought this poem for my parents when I was at Denver for the National Western Stock Show. This poem really rings true in a lot of ways and I thought it was fitting for this blog post!

2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Risa says:

    Where did you buy “The Tradition” Poem from? I would like to order my dad a copy.

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